A triad (China, Pakistan and North Korea) that could prove troublesome to the entire world especially the U.S.A.) has emerged.
From the acquatic triplicity, shall be born One, who shall make Thursday his holiday (holy day) - His fame, praise, rule and power shall grow by land and sea to become tempest to the East." - Nostradamus
Around 2012 things will happen at great pace and war will break out at several places.
China will rush the attack on Taiwan and finally pocket it.
Russia, Japan and India will come together and try to corner China and Pakistan
Around 2018, that is as the war approaches its last lap, destruction and violence will have crossed all conceivable limits and only then will the war draw to a close
The defeated nations will be reduced to a pathetic state and the people of these nations will be miserable….. and this is where the Indian culture will step in, firm and strong. With its principles of non-violence and tolerance, it will offer rescue to both parties. This will in fact be the prime obligation of the Indian culture.
Though the chances of the U.S.A. and the allies winning the war are quite bright, their victory, like the victory of the Pandavas in the Mahabharat war, will be earned in return for a big price.
On 7.6.2006, he (Abu Musab Al Zarqawi) was declared dead by official sources of the U.S.A. Iraq and the Al Qaeda……Yet, this is what will be…….He will emerge as the most significant and a radical kind of commander in the third world war.
The moment the Israeli Palestine war breaks out and terrorist organizations begin to target the U.S.A. with large scale attacks, China, masked by North Korea, will attack South Korea and this will open up the second front of the third world war.
Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi

This is not telling the future,
This is a study, a study of history and of the present circumstances.

This is research, a research of the intent of the various characters on the stage of the world

... I wanted that all my friends,
ordinary as they are just like I am, acquaint themselves with
at least two percent of what the third world war means.

Hence this written endeavour

...for My friends,

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